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A zombie RPG where you can create a character and RP in a zombie world

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Im happy I finally registered

Yes certainly. It is less than the cost of placing an acceptable 450 heli in the atmosphere and I believe the secondhand cost will most likely be decent in case I get sick and tired of. No regrets on the price per smile for me.

Inadequate variety about wi-fi?

I have yet to have the Wifi reduce down on me, so that it looks greater than promoted so far.

May possibly be the camera slow?

From time to time yes. Frequently it really is quick and soft and often it stutters. Not suitable for FPV, incorporate your cam method for that. Nonetheless the film stream is enjoyment and that is precisely what this bird is targeted on

Simpler to take a flight with out video camera but thinking about it?

Yes I'm not certain whether it really is me personally and my own heli traveling practices, but I am mostly viewing the AR Drone itself, considering the display screen only when it is remembered by me personally has film onto it

Much better making use of a two.4GHz technique?

Can be amazing to supply the choice to soar using a 2.4 transmitter. Can expertise weird controlling by tilting the iPad even now.

Decent in wind flow?

Superior to I mostly anticipated. It is a little bit rough but seems to hold up correctly general

Much better at hanging than active?

Better in hovering exactly where there is a crystal clear ground texture. See those promotional videos with a patterned floor wildly? I believe that's to get the most efficient holding effect through the down facing camcorder. It is not nearly as very good on lawn, drifting inside around a foot roughly. Forward trip appears to be true effortless, far better at each than I had been expecting.


Properly yes and no. It really is going to break in the event that you drive straight into a wall. It is not that tough nonetheless it is far more robust sensation than I feared it will be. Probably it'll endure a lot better than your standard RTF tiny heli. Let's wait and watch how it stands up.

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2017-06-04 21:29:50



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