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Nike Air Max Womens Sale

Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) shakes hands with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych before their talks at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing Cheap Air Max Womens , capital of China, Dec. 5, 2013. (XinhuaJu Peng)
Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in Beijing on Thursday, vowing to further bilateral strategic partnership.

"China-Ukraine relations have entered a fast track for long-term healthy and stable development since strategic partnership was established in 2011," Xi told Yanukovych.

China and Ukraine should view bilateral relations from a strategic and long-term perspective, adhere to mutual respect, equality and win-win principles to strengthen cooperation and ensure their bilateral relationship moves in the right direction Air Max Womens White , Xi said.

Xi put forward four proposals on furthering bilateral ties, including increasing high-level exchanges and strategic mutual trust, pragmatic cooperation, cultural exchanges and collaboration in international and regional affairs.

Xi suggested more exchanges between governments, legislative institutions and parties as well as more channels for policy coordination so that both sides can exchange views on major issues of bilateral relations in a timely manner and seek common ground.

China and Ukraine should firmly support each other on major issues concerning national sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and the development path of their own choice Air Max Womens Online , Xi said.

He called on the two sides to give full play to the intergovernmental cooperation commission, strengthening cooperation in agriculture, energy, infrastructure, finance and high-tech and gradually promote large project partnership. He said he hoped Ukraine can offer a more favorable, convenient environment for Chinese businesses.

China and Ukraine should enhance understanding of each other by increasing exchanges in science, education Air Max Womens Sale , culture, health, sport, tourism and youth, Xi said.

Xi said the two countries should work to build a fair and just new international political order, tackle global challenges and protect mutual interests.

Hailing Ukraine's important contribution to the communication between Eastern and Western civilizations, Xi said China welcomes Ukraine to participate in the building of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and is willing to discuss cooperation.

Yanukovych echoed Xi's proposals to deepen bilateral ties Air Max Womens Shoes , saying it serves the fundamental interests of the two countries and peoples.

Ukraine firmly advocates the one-China policy and supports China's national unification, and is ready to enhance high-level and party exchanges, as well as pragmatic cooperation, cultural exchanges and coordination in international and regional affairs, Yanukovych said.

Ukraine applauds China's "Silk Road Economic Belt" proposal and is willing to participate in the building of infrastructure. Ukraine welcomes more Chinese investment and is ready to facilitate the issuing of visas, Yanukovych said.

China and Ukraine tabled a plan on Thursday to deepen their strategic partnership from 2014 to 2018, including key areas of cooperation in agriculture Air Max Womens , energy, resources, infrastructure construction, finance, high-tech, aviation and aerospace.

After their talks, the two heads of state signed a treaty of friendly cooperation and a joint statement. They also witnessed the signing of cooperative documents on economy and technology.

Prior to their talks at the Great Hall of the People Cheap Nike Air Max Womens , Xi held a welcoming ceremony for Yanukovych.

KIEV, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- China and Ukraine on Wednesday together launched their first summer camp that united young radiosport enthusiasts from both countries.

The ceremony to open the camp was hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine, with the participation of 55 young fans from South China's Guangdong Province, who were interested in amateur radio direction finding (ARDF) -- a sport that features map-and-compass navigating and radio orienteering.

In a solemn atmosphere, the children wearing red-white shirts with dragon prints and red pioneer scarves watched the raising ceremony of the Chinese flag and sang the national anthem.

Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine Du Wei told the young people that their hobby was very useful as it offered a unique chance to travel around the world and learn about different cultures.

"Traditional Chinese culture promotes the idea that travelling thousands of miles is just as important as reading thousands of books. Through travelling, people can enrich their experience, make their will stronger and find an inspiration Nike Air Max Womens White ," Du said.

After the ceremony at the embassy, the teenagers from China, mostly primary school students, will join their Ukrainian counterparts at a summer camp in Pushcha-Vodytsia, a forest resort in northern Kiev.

"The main reason why we came to Ukraine is that the direction finding sport is very well developed here. In addition, we noticed that Ukrainian children are winners of many international competitions and world championships," said Li Xidong Nike Air Max Womens Online , coach of the Chinese ARDF team.

Li said that it would be easy for Chinese and Ukrainian radio enthusiasts to understand each other as all of them can speak English.

During the first five days of the ten-day event, Chinese students will take training sessions on radio orienteering and compare notes with their Ukrainian counterparts. Then, they will participate in a Sino-Ukrainian ARDF contest.

Chen Yuelin, a 15-year-old Chinese team member, said she was glad to participate in the camp to improve her ARDF skills, gain new travel experience and discover Ukraine.

"Ukraine is a beautiful country! It seems to me that it is very comfortable, because there is a wonderful natural environment here Nike Air Max Womens Sale ," Chen said.

Meanwhile, her friend Xu Yi, who has previously attended similar competitio.



2018-04-12 00:59:26

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